Paul Klug’s distinctive design style, uniquely
reflecting decades of trends and traditions. 
Trained in contract and residential design, Paul
Klug has been practicing continually for the past
25 years throughout Chicago and the suburbs, as
well as nationally and internationally. In today’s
world, the choices in Interior Design firms are
many.  But it is rare to work personally with the
firm’s principal, from inception all the way to
project completion.  

Paul Klug believes designing a home with a client
is a very personal experience … that it should be
the start of a relationship that’s not meant to end
when the initial project is completed.  Indeed, the
greatest testament to the value of Paul Klug’s
work are his many longstanding relationships
with clients as they have acquired new or redone
their homes over the years.

“I have a style that’s been called ELEGANT - be it
modern/contemporary, traditional or period. To
me, that connotes a finished product that’s very
satisfying to people, no matter what the style of
décor.  I also do things differently from the norm
by utilizing a strategic use of color, luxurious and
exotic finishes and a blending of styles. Often,
existing client pieces take on a new personality
when incorporated into the new cohesive design.”

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